We raised $100.00 for Amnesty International

We raised $100.00 for Amnesty International
[caption id="attachment_93" align="alignnone" width="300"] Clowning around at the Free Times Cafe, raised $100.00 for Amnesty International![/caption]

We raised $100.00 for Amnesty International at the Free Times Cafe tonight! I’ll be posting proof that I donated that money, as opposed to buying Captain Planet shoes, in case anyone wants to hold me accountable. Way to go and thanks to those who Continue reading

Show Night

Getting ready to entertain some people tonight at the Free Times Cafe, Toronto, with the help of two great local comedians, Michael Jagdeo and Matt Shury! I always get nervous before performing, but the trick is to use that nervous energy to your advantage!

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Last night I went to the Linsmore Bar on Toronto’s Danforth, to perform at an open mic with 12-17 other comedians who were competing for the grand prize of $100.


I wasn’t in it for the money, just the experience and the chance to meet other comedians. I WON SECOND PLACE! However, I feel like I forced my way into second place by standing on a chair Continue reading